Etching 1841 (Newcastle Libraries)

Etching 1841 (Newcastle Libraries)

There are tunnels running under the market which are thought to have built in the 1930s. Though not clear why they were built it might have been to transport coal under the city, maybe even to Central Station. However, they only run for a few metres before they are blocked up. During World War Two they were used as air raid shelters. Tours of these fascinating tunnels are put on throughout the year. Check out the events page for details.

Today Grainger Market is as bustling as ever with 114 stalls and 800 employees. It’s a Grade 1 listed building.

Grainger Market opened its doors in 1835 and is named after Richard Grainger (1797 – 1861) the builder, developer and entrepreneur behind the Market.  At the time it was the largest in Britain covering two acres with 12 entrances and 243 shops and stalls.

Originally it was a meat and vegetable market but the flesh-market section was optimistically large and so other goods like baskets and pottery were introduced.

On October 22nd 1835 a celebratory dinner was held in the market attended by 2000 men including John Dobson (1787 – 1865) and Grainger. Over 300 women were allowed to watch the feast in a specially constructed gallery!


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